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This website shares our journey to build Bethel Academy in Achiase, Ghana, West Africa. Enjoy the journey!

Each day, the children pay as they come to school. The money that comes in is used to pay the teachers, buy supplies and feed the children lunch. If anything is left over at the end of the day, it is used buy food and clothing for the children in the Achiase Children’s Home.

As you can see in the video, the current school has no doors or windows. It has no running water. It has no electricity. The roof is made of corrugated metal. When it rains, the noise is so loud it is nearly impossible to teach. So, when it rains, many children do not come to school. 

If there are no students, there is no money. No money to pay the teachers. No money for supplies. No money to feed the children at the Achiase Children’s Home.

In order for the children’s home to be sustainable, they need a school building that will allow them to do their work (even when it rains). They need a building that will allow the students to pay attention to the teacher rather than to the goats and chickens coming through the open doorways.

We are currently building that school.


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