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History of Achiase Children's Home

Two incredible people who have touched our lives deeply are Sarah and Mr. Sam. They run the school, Bethel Academy, and the Achiase Children’s Home. Mr. Sam has been a farmer most of his life. His wife, Sarah has taken some college courses and worked as a seamstress before starting this facility.

Over time, we got to know them and they were able to share the story of how they ended up running both a school and a children’s home.

They explained:

Sarah and Mr. Sam

“Gomoa Achiase and the surrounding villages consist of about five hundred children of school going age. Though Government policy paves the way for free education, the scanty resources available make it impossible for the majority of the children to have access to basic school. There is only one Government school, which accommodates about two hundred children. The rest of the children are deprived from enjoying these facilities.

Some of the children in the community gain admission to the Government school and do not attend classes. This is due to lack of breakfast, since not all parents are able to provide three square meals for their children.

While we were teaching, we looked out into the yard and there were many children there, who were not attending school. When we inquired, we learned that these children were hungry and wanting to go to school. Their parents had sent them out on their way because they could not support them.<>

The children were waiting in the yard in the hopes that maybe they could get some food and possibly learn. When we realized that these kids were on their own, we decided that we wanted to do something about it.

In the Ghanaian culture we, the community, take care of our children even if the parents are unable to. When we realized these children had no place else to go, we started the Achiase Children’s Home to take care of them.”


Sarah and Mr. Sam started the school so that all children in the village would have an opportunity to learn. Then, when they saw the need, they started the children’s home for the children who needed a place to live and an opportunity to learn. Their hearts are as big as all of Ghana.